Frequently Asked Questions

Some Frequently Asked Questions


South Africa can be roughly divided into two areas – the North, from about Port Elizabeth, including Krugerpark, has summer rainfall and in the south, around the Cape Town area, winter rain.

The best time to visit the Krugerpark is in spring and autumn and the best time for the Cape Town area is summer – from December to March.


If you book a self drive tour with me, I will available with help and advice, at all times.


The people of South Africa are very friendly and helpful and love contact with tourists.

Cell Phones

Very important to have a cell phone – the reception in South Africa is very good and well represented. One can buy a local SIM card here.

Which city are the Cango Caves in?

Oudtshoorn, which is also where you can visit an Ostrich farm.

Can you suggest accommodation in the Cape Town area?

Yes, all types of accommodation in and around the Cape Town area ans well as the Wine-lands.

Which animals are the big five?

They are the most dangerous – Lion, Buffalo, Elephant, Rhino and Leopard.

Private Tours in the Knysna area can be arranged by Wimberger S A Tours.


Will I have a guide on my tour or safari in the Krugerpark?

Yes, guided safaris are available in the Krugerpark and all other National Parks.


I am looking for a self drive tour of the Garden Route area on the east coast of Sout Africa.

Especially the Garden Route is very easy to do yourself; the infrastructure is very similar to other First World countries. One can hire vehicles with GPS and Cell phones.

Hotels and Guesthouses

Can you suggest good quality Hotels in the Durban area?

In the off season it’s quite easy to arrive at Guest Houses without prior reservations.


Is a lot lighter than in the First World countries, the traffic is quite light and stress levels lower!

Township Tours

Places like Kayelitcha and Langa, are best visited with a guide and during the day.


Is not as bad as reported in the international newspapers. There are certain rules that have to be kept, like not walk in the city centers after dark, not go into the townships without a local guide and best to keep to areas that are well populated.

Attacks on people walking on the trails around Table Mountain, have increased.

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